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Ordinary Citizens Reclaiming America's Founding Principles

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  • A Time for Choosing

    A Time for Choosing

    Ronald Reagan sure knew what the socialists were trying to do to this country even back in 1964. We… Oct 28, 2010 30 views

  • NorCal Tea Party Rally Chico and Marysville

    NorCal Tea Party Rally Chico and Marysville

    The NorCal Tea Party Constitutional and Get Out to Vote Bus Tour. Day 1 was Chico and Marysville. H… Oct 21, 2010 13 views

  • Yes We Can

    Yes We Can

    Ronald Reagan's words ring so true to what is happening in our great nation. He knew there were peo… Sep 27, 2010 7 views

  • The Last Best Hope

    The Last Best Hope

    This Tea Party Election Video tells it like it is. We The People, are taking our country back. Sep 26, 2010 8 views

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