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I was really impressed by the cogency and direction of this first SBTPP meeting. It was nearly absent of politics, mostly conservative with fresh ideas and new directions.

I did have some concerns about a Redding speaker as the last time I tied up with someone from the north corridor (The Constitutional Patriots - over 1/4 century ago), they were ready to take back our government by force it need be. Not so this time. This Redding speaker, Erin Ryan, was concise with good examples of how we, as a local force, can influence government from the bottom up. I've been sitting, cursing and uselessly throwing stones at DC for much of my life to no avail.

Beck is right, it's not going to be my generation and I'll have to accept and get over that. I do have 3 grand children, the oldest being in 8th grade this year. She's been being schooled at BeckU whenever possible but she hasn't caught fire yet about our country. I listened last night as one idea proffered was one of the local action groups delving into David Barton's Wall Builders series. I think that's a great idea. Listening to David talk is like being at the feet of a historical guru, awe inspiring, magical and well worth the time.

Bob Van Oosterhout, a local patriotic veteran touched me with his heart felt story of telling his friend and fellow pilot good-bye at the 8/28 event in DC. Bob also related several stories about the 8/28 event, all good. Bob's a crier, like Beck and myself. One of my grand fathers fought in the Battle of King's Mountain, routed and took Ferguson captive and sent him squealing back to Cornwallis in 1780. It 's been said that this and the Cowpens battle, 3 months later, turned the war in the south for the Patriots. Jacob's and his brother, Joseph's rifles still exist and are on occasional display. My father served in WWII. Having cut off a big toe while cutting wood in his teens, he went down to enlist three times when he was over 30 years old before they finally accepted him and sent him France as a driver. I, regrettably, never served as I was listed 4F with high blood pressure. I wish I had but when I think of all those before me that gave their life and treasure for my Freedom I can't help but be grateful and tear up. Thank you Bob and all the vets that were there last night. Without your prescience of what it takes to remain Free and your forthrightness to do the honorable things, we wouldn't have the chance to do what we need to do today. God Bless You All.

Thanks to Carla and Larry and especially to whoever sucked my email address out of their address book to make sure I knew it was happening. I'll be hounding my friends to attend the next meeting (1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month) and doing as much as I can to build our local grass roots tree of Freedom.

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