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Face it, Ted Cruz. You can't be president.

Face it, Ted Cruz. You can't be president.

In response to the email, "CRUZ Campaign inquiry," I forwarded yesterday from a Cruz supporter, I have been asked if I support Ted Cruz. The above article shows why I do not support Cruz.

When Cruz declared his candidacy, I excitedly and immediately went on his website and signed up as a volunteer. Then, another Tea Party leader informed me Cruz does not meet the Constitution's natural-born citizen requirement for the presidency. At the time, I vehemently disagreed; because Cruz seemed to the the only Republican representing the American people in the Senate, even courageously standing up to the establishment RINOs -- and he can recite the entire Constitution from memory.

From the moment Obama came on the scene, I have been a "birther," convinced he does not meet the natural-born citizen requirement for the presidency (as explained in the article).

At least Cruz doesn't lie about being born in Canada and relinquishing his Canadian citizenship in 2014. Obama tried to make it appear he was born on American soil with the fraudulent Hawaiian birth certificate he provided, although his Kenyan grandmother and wife both publicly stated he was born in Kenya.

Obama and Cruz have both fought their natural-born citizenship being heard in court, using the legal claim those who bring the lawsuits do not have legal standing. Don't we all, as American citizens, have "legal standing" to know our presidential candidates meet the basic Constitutional requirement for the ultimate position they seek as the foremost leader of the free world? Personally, if I was wrongfully accused or there was the risk of losing millions of voters due to unjustified doubts, I would want my day in court; unless, of course, there was merit to the lawsuit. Interestingly, even though millions of us doubt the legitimacy of Obama and Cruz, neither Congress nor the Supreme Court provides the American people with the specific definition of "natural-born citizen."

For me to support Cruz after being a vocal Obama "birther" would be hypocritical and invalidate my respect of the U.S. Constitution, the document which limits the powers of the federal government so the people can be free and rule our own destinies through our Constitutional Republic.

Obama and Cruz are both sons of foreign fathers and American mothers; both attended Harvard Law School; both were allegedly Constitutional scholars; both are first-term Senators -- government employees; and neither owned or operated a private business operating, profiting, and being taxed under onerous governmental regulations and hurdles. Neither works well with others, and neither is a leader.

Both Obama and Cruz are financially supported by Nazi collaborator George Soros who also funds and organizes racial protests and protests against Donald Trump, the candidate terrifying the one-world-order oligarchs and both political parties.

Trump under attack by 187 organizations directly funded by George Soros

Bottom Line: My answer to whether I support Ted Cruz is no. I support Donald Trump 100%. I am convinced Trump is the ONLY candidate who is a proven leader who works well with -- and is respected by -- others, actually created jobs, employed people, operates within budgetary constraints, negotiates to his own businesses' advantages, is a fighter, and loves this country above all others.

I share information; because each of us needs as much information as possible to make informed, educated choices in this changed world where the oligarchs and their media manipulate the masses into choosing the candidates they have selected to rule and control us while stripping away more of our Constitutional rights.

Actor Scott Baio was interviewed by Judge Jeanine Pirro. He supports Trump and perfectly articulates what I think.


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