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Ordinary Citizens Reclaiming America's Founding Principles

What is PECAN?

We are a chapter of PECAN (Patriots Educating Concerned Americans Now), a charitable non-profit 501(c)(3), which began in January 2010.  The mission of PECAN is to promote voter education in a 360 degree environment.  We build a working knowledge of our government at all levels and promote the study of our founding documents through local groups of volunteers who operate as citizen lobbyists. 

This is not a separate organization but rather an underlying framework feeding the purpose begun by the tea party that allows all of the groups who choose to organize under it the ability to raise funds and secure meeting space.  Schools and churches often view us as too "political."  By organizing as a charitable non-profit, it helps break down those preconceived ideas.  It also gives the PECAN branches the ability to set up the necessary bank accounts and insurances for their organization so they can prepare for the "long haul." 

We are using a "franchise" model similar to groups we're all familiar with like Girl Scouts and Kiwanis.  Those organizations have spread efficiently across the country and supported our communities for many years. It is time that conservative Americans had a place in this fabric as well.  The model is being used in "franchise" fashion to expand the footprint of this movement rapidly and avoid duplication of effort.  We are built for speed and efficiency ... not more bureaucracy!

Our movement must be poised to outlast the troubled times in which we now find ourselves, or the silent majority will find itself on the outside looking in once again.  Without an active body of citizens, it is impossible to expect our representative form of government to remain on track.  We are forming a sort of "republic insurance" that should continue for a very long time.


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