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Yuba City City Council Meeting Re Agenda 21 MOU

At 7:00 p.m. this evening, members of the Sutter Buttes Tea Party will be attending the Yuba City City Council meeting. Of particular interest is Agenda Item 5.

One of our members sent the following email to each of the City Council members -- Mayor John Dukes, John Buckland, Tej Maan, Leslie McBride, and John Miller:

I recommended that you read the attached document carefully. I also recommend that you pull agenda item 5 from the May 17, 2011 consent calendar and form a ad-hoc committee to review the SACOG "Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant". Yuba City residents need to be informed of Agenda 21 and any potential connection with this grant. The public should be made aware of Agenda 21 and its potential impact upon our sovereignty, unalienable rights and its affect on the use of individual property rights. This grant contains terminology and concepts found in various UN Agenda 21 documentation. In addition the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) supporting this grant should be reviewed to determine if they have any connection with or funded by UN Organizations or by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI).

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Note who the Yuba City Council members are and hold them accountable for their vote tonight. If they ignore the will of the people then we have choices to replace them immediately and/or at the next election. They apparently don't understand the influence of UN Agenda 21 on SACOG and this MOU and don't understand HUD Grant money is taxpayer dollars.
Again, if they vote against the will of the people, we MUST hold them accountable.
* Mayor John Dukes -
* Mayor Pro Tem John Miller -
* Tej Maan - and (530) 300-7800
* John Buckland -
* Leslie McBride -

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