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Yesterday I saw a flier for his campaign in my door, I had just missed him.. I was taking a look at it and saw something I had never seen before on a flier for a political candidate... His Personal Cell Phone Number!

So I called, we talked for a minute, he answered some questions, and he seemed like a really nice guy, but that isn't all... About 2 hours later he called me back. He had gotten SO MANY CALLS he lost track of who he had talked to but he wanted to make sure that anyone that wanted to talk to him could.

I was amazed by this. In most of my dealings with politicians I've never seen one SO EAGER to talk to their constituency. If I didn't know anything else about him, that would be enough for me to vote for him..
The simple fact that he wants the public to contact him and he values their input so much that he actually returns missed calls to give everyone a chance to be heard.

I really like that.

Vote 4 Tej Mann.

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