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Another good meeting tonight.

While listening to the guest speaker, my thoughts turned to the SBTPP's three primary objectives (on the back of each SBTPP tee shirt).

Achieving significant progress towards realization of these targets would significantly contribute to a strong, free-market economy, and that is the best chance we have of helping homeless, jobless vets—as well as all the other needy among us.

Since many (if not most) of the job-killing government stuff starts, and is encouraged, by our local "electeds" the activities of the interest groups at the local "gumnint" level, are likely the most effective works we do!

Joe Karwal

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Politicians start their careers at the local level.  If we get involved at the beginning of their careers, we can pluck the weeds from the flowers before their roots become too entangled.

I guess so—just commented that "we" must stop sending our "electeds" off to bring home the bacon.

If we can't afford to restore the old theater or repair our levies—what makes us think our neighbors should step in?

I've NEVER expected an elected to "bring home the bacon." I've always believed the money IN a community should STAY in the community; and I know that every grant has strings with huge fishhooks on the ends. Once hooked, watch the little fishies dance to whatever tune is played by the grantor.

If they quit confiscating our money by unrestrained taxation, we would have discretionary funds left over to take care of our own communities and to give to charities of our choice.  There is NO Constitutional basis for the majority of the taxes imposed upon the American people, and it is precisely because of overspending and taxation that Americans are losing our freedoms.

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