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CA AJR 30, Convention of States Application, Defeated in Committee!

Republican Assemblywoman Shannon Grove’s resolution AJR 30, Convention of States Application, was defeated 8-2 in the CA Assembly Judiciary Committee Hearing Tuesday, April 26, 2016.

Sutter Buttes Tea Party Executive Committee members Becky Bowen and Larry and Carla Virga attended the hearing to oppose AJR 30.

The Convention of States issue, which is supported by George Soros’ Wolf PAC, has divided conservatives and Tea Parties. Mark Meckler, a co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots and well-respected former guest speaker at the Sutter Buttes Tea Party, would not even look at us at the hearing. He once declined Sutter Buttes Tea Party’s invitation to debate the Convention of States issue with Judi Caler at one of our meetings, stating he already won all the debates and any information people want about the Convention of States can be found on his website.

Speaking for AJR 30 were: Assemblywoman Shannon Grove; Mark Meckler, President of the Convention of States; 16-year-old Grant Carson, a high school student; and 23 supporters. Speaking in opposition of AJR 30 were: Trudy Schaeffer, League of Women Voters; Judi Caler, Eagle Forum; Jan Collins, Institute on the Constitution; and six supporters (including Sutter Buttes Tea Party members Becky Bowen and Larry and Carla Virga). As Larry stated when he went to the mic, we love Shannon Grove but oppose AJR30.

Although Vice Chairman Wagner (R) asked great questions, demonstrated knowledge of the historical risk, and stated he was “profoundly disturbed,” he stated he would “roll the dice” and voted to support AJR 30. It’s shocking any legislator, Republican or Democrat, is willing to “roll the dice” with our Constitution.

The vote breakdown is as follows;

AYES: Wagner, Maienschein
NOES: Mark Stone, Alejo, Chau, Chiu, Gallagher, Cristina Garcia, Holden Ting

Please watch the entire hearing with the pros and cons and our Assemblyman James Gallagher’s outstanding comments, at:

In response to my email after the hearing asking what happened, Judi Caler responded:

"We won. It was 5 (no)-2 when we left. There were 3 people not there. In any other state, we would have won 5-2. But here, the chair allowed the other 3 to vote later. If the 3 voted yes, we still would have won because they would have needed 6 votes to get it out. The 3 came in as Noes as Dems usually do on the "conservative" applications. So we won 8 (noes) to 2 (Republican yeses). COS didn't expect to win. They were there to rally the troops and get a photo and donations. They were probably surprised to get 2 votes rather than 1. It was good they had opposition. Gallagher was great. Thanks for coming! Meckler wasn't in his usual form (except for his JBS bashing)."

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