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It was very interesting participating in a "concerned citizen" breakfast Friday morning. A question was asked, "How do we get more members?" After thinking about that question for a minute, it reminded me of a Leadership class I took last month. Before any change can happen, a "vision" must be provided. In our case a vision has been provided; fiscal responsibility by the government with representation by the people. With any change, one must present short term wins to gain approval. I propose that we advertise what successes we have had, so that the people will understand that we are not just a group of people talking about issues, but creating solutions. An example would be, "If you are happy that homes are not being built in the Sutter Buttes without voter approval (Measure V), then join the Sutter Buttes Tea Party, we make change happen." We have to make the people understand that change will happen with participation toward a common goal.

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I agree we need to provide a vision and advertise any successes we have. I'm not sure how much SBTP had to do with defeating Measure V, if anything. All we did was provide a forum of inquiring minds so the Yes and No factions could state their positions. There could have been just as many people walk away who decided to vote yes as who decided to vote no. I doubt it, but it's something we cannot know for certain.

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