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The bottom line of pre-printed signs carried by people protesting the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, MO, was Revcom is "The voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA." Other protesters in Ferguson and in cities across the nation include members of the Black Panthers, who are black Muslims, and Communist organizations and unions such as ANSWER (Act Now to End War and Racism; Progressive Labor Party; and Al Sharpton’s NAN (National Action Network). Islamism and Communism are working hand in hand. The anti-American revolutionists are turning people away from God and morality, dividing the American people, and dividing the confused and misguided sympathizers (useful idiots) from those who have sworn an oath to protect and defend everyone, including them.

Astonishingly, pre-WWII Germany is repeating in the United States. This time, the dividing lines are not drawn between “the master race” of blonde, blue-eyed Germans against the Jewish race; the division is being created between the races of blacks against whites, savages vs. civilization. Law enforcement officers who have sworn oaths to protect and serve the public are the only thing standing between criminals and us. They are the ones keeping our society from devolving into complete chaos – the final ingredient necessary for Obama to fully implement his police state.

In the relatively rare cases of police brutality, each event must be dealt with on its own merits by our civilized judicial system, not by confused, misguided sympathizers who are driven into a frenzy by other useful idiots, the propagandist media, and revolutionists who will not hesitate to crush them with the tyranny of a police state if they gain control.

An active TEA Party member, a retired police officer who personally dealt with the aftermath of four colleagues lost to violence on the job, stated, “A bunch of us had a practice of putting blue (electric) candles in our windows to mark someone being lost and to show solidarity.” He recently wrote, “In these crazy times... I propose we show our support of and appreciation for law enforcement and the 24/7 protection they provide us by turning on blue-colored porch lights at our residences for the entire month of January. Let's show the thugs, dividers, and race-baiters we have our priorities straight.”

A Sutter Buttes Tea Party member cited several incidents of police brutality, stated the police are militarizing, and reported a Yuba County deputy, a member of the NRA, actually told him the Second Amendment is a privilege granted by the government. Obviously, the government-run schools are not teaching the fact the United States’ government derives its power from the consent of the governed, not the other way around.

Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio responded, “We are all against the police state and militarization of the police as Obama has been attempting to establish, and we support your comments. I view the blue light issue more to show our disapproval of the Bigot Brothers’ (Obama, Sharpton, Holder, and “Big Bigot Bird” de Blasio) racist propaganda designed to divide the country. This is a national issue that has brought a clear focus onto their racist agenda. During yesterday's funeral when de Blasio spoke and his image appeared on the screen, the collected police officers from ALL around the country and who numbered over 25,000 turned their backs against de Blasio. Their statement was perhaps the single largest protest by public officials against the Bigot Brothers' racial agenda. This is a clear statement that others in the Black community are pushing back in a manner we have never seen in our nation's history. We need to show support against the Bigot Brothers’ racist agenda any way we can.”

Replacing our porch lights with a blue light bulb for the entire month of January is a worthy, nearly cost-free way we can stand up in support of those who serve and protect us and show police officers we are on their side, not the side of anti-American racists, Communists, and Islamists.

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In response to queries of where to purchase blue light bulbs for the January Blue Porch Light Campaign to show our support of police officers, Larry and I went shopping this morning in Yuba City:

Walmart was out of all blue light bulbs. The clerk said it is unusual for them to be out of just one color.
Home Depot has a limited selection.
Lowe's has the best selection, but limited. We purchased "Mood-Lites" Tranquility for $5.98 + .45 Tx = $6.43. The package states it is "Great for: Porch Lites, Moods, Parties, Sports, Charities)

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